Jul 17, 2008

Hang over of Blog
Before this i started many blog. but i can not continue all of them because of many reason.blogging is my passion.i spend whole time in blogging. i used to read many blogger's blog. they are national and international.before two year i meet blogger Dinesh wagle,he teach me about blog. then i fully devoted in blog.
i read many kind of blog. really some them touches me. now this ere is information and technology. nobody can alone with information and technology. I m also a student of Mass communication and journalism and doing freelacing in various magazines. so i can not alone with media.
Before this blog i were blogging in raule sansar one of the reason it blocked. then i am in tension whole night and day. I can not live without blogging. i love my blog and blogging then my girl friend. but i have not girl friend still now. i discuss with kailash Rai about blog. which address is suitable for me. she suggest me to make kathmandu daiary. i tried it many time but it would not be my blog. finally i make my blog swopnil sansar. i will continue this in forthcomming days. as soon as possible i will try to make it better.
Now my exam is comming soon. but i am blogging here. it is a kind of addict. i can not leave my journalism in life. i will continue journalism and blogging in my life.

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कैलाश said...

Anyway, first of all, i want to wish u for long lasting blogging. Pls don't change the blog's user name/domine name. It is difficult to catch u. if you change your id/domine name repeatedly it would be hard to find out the Real Blogger Narendra for everyone.

Keep blogging.