Jul 21, 2008

Today i meet sukmeet Gurung and her daughter Aarati Gurung. I interviwed with both them.'sukmeet Gurung'It is no new name for the nepali audiences and outside of the country.she had singed over 500 songs among them different languages.like Nepali,Newari,Japanese,hindi and so on.
Sukmeet came from Gantok, sikkim to Nepal while she was 18.At that time her sister's job was in UNDP. she has get opportunity to sing in Radio Nepal.furtunately her song get first in competition.then she live here permanently.her job is in Nepal prgya Bhaban since long ago.

Her daughter Aarati Gurung, 19 finished her +2 level study from Xavier academy. she will interested in the musical field. Recently she relesed an album'ICHHA' .it is her mother's album but she re-recoding.there is 8 songs.Aarati want to be a nurse in future.she will go America after one month.
Really Aarati is good in her behaviour.she is fit in her job,what she want to make career in her life.i wish she will be success in career.
After interview i take photo both of them. and i also stand with them and take photo by other.

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