Sep 12, 2008


really it touches me. after viewing a drama in Gurukul before few days ago. a dozen
of actor came from karnali to learn something about drama. they learn a lot of things here. finally director of Gurukul sunil pokhrel said to them" you should show a drma".then
they prepare a drama,'karnali Dakkhin Bagdo chha'

After viewing this drama many people were dropping eye fall(weeping). the drama depicts the real problems of is full of pain,sorrow,femine and so many things.

some of the people came here to take it's taste 12 times.they like it very much.some people want to visit to karnali.relly how is it? they questioned.i think the girl of karnali are back in every sectors.but no,it is no real. they are forward in every parts.i interview with them .they speak fluently.they express their feelings.i became shy with them.i take photo with them someone take me near her lap.


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