Sep 4, 2008

I have new gas cylinder
today,waiting a long time i get a gas cylinder from dealer. i have faced many problems in this month. i spend one month without gas.i used to make food by pots are black like black night.
i pay 1200 rupees and take in room. but how? i ask cycle with dealer man. he permitt me to take for moment. unfortunately i can't cycling.hardly i reach in room. i satisfy.
actually kathmandu teaches us many to live here? how to face with problems . most of the people of ktm. are selfish. they don't help in helpless condition.actually the good person recognize in difficult condition.


कैलाश said...

Congratulation Narendera For getting the Gas cylinder after long time. you told me clearly your problem and pain when we meet on the road.

But here, i couldn't get your voice in full volume. Y? as you share me. there was many things, which'll interesting to read. not i got to go for the Play at Gurukul. so bye

narendra raule said...

thanx kailash,
for your comment.
really,i have a lot things to write.all my pain i can't write here.becoz that day happen load shedding.i will write in leisure time.