Aug 25, 2008

Jana Andolan-2 Victim Warns Leaders
By Narendra Raule
Janaandolan-2 (Peoples’ Movement) Victim
On Baishakh 9 (April 22), sea of humanity was marching from Koteshor to Tripureshor. I joined it from Tinkune. The peaceful protest was marching forward despite the barriers placed here and there. The street was abuzz with anti-monarchy slogans.At 3 pm, the mass reached Tripureshor.Then it headed towards Tundikhel. But, some vigilantes tried to vandalize the king’s statue and put fire on the hoarding boards that have king’s message. At that moment, Armed Police Force personnel opend fire on protesters. My left hand was injured by a gunshot. There was nowhere to run or hide. The area was surrounded by security forces. I ran towards Eye Hospital in Tripureshor. There too I found an army barrack. Army was still firing, numerous shells of tear gas were fired on demonstrators. A doctor affiliated to Redcross saved my life. Then, the Redcross people carried me in their ambulance to Model Hospital. My left hand was operated the same day. After operation, I was admitted to a bed. Other patients had a number of visitors but I was lonely, no one paid me visit. It made me homesick.Two days after the operation, a doctor not only insulted but also tried to discharge me. The wound had not healed yet. Moreover, I had nowhere to go. Those kith and kins of ministers and MPs were treated differently. I said, I can not move my hand. But, to add salt to my wounds, they remarked that it was not an asylum or a shelter. Later, comedian Haribansa Acharya helped me out. An NGO named TEWA was instrumental in treating me.The patients were not given good food. It was again TEWA that brought food and care. I am grateful to Durga Thapa, Renu Lama and TEWA’s Anita Chaudhari, Sunil Basnet, Mina Gurung and Shital Shakya for their succour. Many leaders including RPP’s Pashupati Shamser Rana came to see the patients. But, they only conveyed the raw formalities. Their wishes didn’t work for me; I am having tough time coping with miserable life.My wound is still painful, it has not healed yet. Similarly, martyrs’ families are still in deep sorrow. But, the dirty game to grab power is increasingly becoming evident. The leaders seem to forget the people power. The same people who paved way for them to the power can also knock them out.
(Translated by Deepak Adhikari from today’s Kantipur daily.)

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