Aug 25, 2008

walking in the way
yesterday morning i m going in my college. same day SLC reasult out.In the early morning my father called me from my home to look someones symbol number.i went in over 12 newspaper shop but no where i found paper.walking in the way i reach in Anamnagar where some people are searching the symbol number in Annapurnapost.i stay there.i also searh the number . sagarmatha television captured the scene of viewer of newspaper lookers. and one ladies journalist recording our voices in the spot.i speak 'i can't found newspaper anywhere' she wan't record it.she start her recorder and allow me to speak the line.i can't speak it fluently.she questioned me serially and i answered.After that i want to introduced with her.i look on her and aked her name.she told 'Mina Pandey' from Ujjyalo national network. i surprise listenning that. Because i used to hear her voice in fm radio. And i really like her sound. i want to meet her before this. But accidently we meet this situation.Then we went together until our college.i enter in my college and she went alone in Newroad for the reporting.After returning college i went in Babar Mahal with my fren sitaram.we look the photo exhibition there. then our step are Martin chautari.after reaching there i bring some newspapers in outside of the office. i start to reading the newspers.there is a bottle of water and sitting the foreign girl near me.i asked her 'can i drink this water?'she speak nepali but can't fluently speak.Then our conversation stard. she was comming from Bela in England.she came Nepal for her M.phil research paper.she want to know youth and children experiences in Moist.I tell her as i know about it.I tell to help her as i can.she eager to know about Nepali culture,Nepali language and tourist area of Nepal.I help her as i can.i m very happy to meet morning she mail me that was:Dear Narendra,it was really nice to meet you today and talk not only about researchquestions but also about more wider range of themes which are also interesting. I would appreciate if you helped me to meet some people for my research. AndI hope that you could show me a bit more of Nepali culture, theatre orsomething that is usually hidden for the "tourists" who arrive in the countryfor the first time. I would also try to share the knowledge or ideas I havewith you. Perhaps, see you soon.
and i mail her to meet soon.

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