Aug 28, 2008

Meeting with pilot

Today i meet a pilot of Nepal airlance,named Sanjaya Baidhya. it is raining while i comming from my room. but is happy for me. i walk in the raining (sim sime pani) reacheed in 11:pm in thapathali where his home is situated.
Sanjaya Baidhya a pilot spending his days in 35,living with his wife and two small daughter. his mum and father are in Malesia recently. his sister is living in Australia, after marriage with a nepali boy in America.
His father had given his house in leage with NPI.Now sanjaya and his small family are living grand floower of NPI which is his home. his father also ex- pilot of former RNAC.mother MBBS doctors.
sanjaya had studied in Banglore his early school and college life. and he trained piloting course in america with 4 there should dbe spend 35,000 doller to finished piloting course in America.we studied our conversation reaching there.after few minute he ordered coffee for is so memorable.heis very enjoyingh in his occupation."i can't live in home only one day.every day i want to go with my work.i am very pleasure in my occupation." He suggested everybody to enjoy with their work. a pilot of Nepal airlaince earn 1 lakh per mont whereas in abroad 15,000 dollar.However,he want live here and do precious thing for the own nation.he have planned to open a school ,targeted to piloting course in Nepal.
He is very simple,living with simple life.i have alot of question with pilot and air hostess.i am questing for them long time.he is my first men meeting with pilot. i want to search another pilot and air hostess in next reporting.
I return from his home.There is raining while i comming outside.

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